Warm sunshine. Flowers. Picnics. Blue skies. Green grass. The list goes on… 

With spring time comes all the things we love most about warmer weather and longer days. We’re celebrating Grow Month at Travaasa this April with a slew of grow-themed activities and experiences for individuals and relationships of all kinds. Here’s a taste of what we have coming up for Grow Month:

Farm Focus

From chicken keeping classes to creating delicious farm-to-table meals, Travaasa Austin has a long list of farm focused activities to celebrate Grow Month. April is high planting season, a time when the team plants the perennial herbs and flower gardens and starts pruning the orchard to prepare for the summer growing season. The varieties of transplants that were seeded several weeks ago in the greenhouse or nursery will soon be planted outside once the last warming for frost has passed (usually in mid-March for Austin). 

Put Some “Hoop” In Your “Hula”

In this fun, 45-minute class you will learn the basics of hula hooping and explore some really cool moves to share with your friends, all while getting a great workout! Want to test your skills before joining us for a lesson at Travaasa, check out these tips on getting back to the basics inside a hula hoop. 

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny loves grown ups too! So much so, that he’ll be paying a visit to Travaasa Austin on Friday and Saturday, April 18 – 19, to hide several dozen colored eggs containing Easter treats with grown ups in mind. Guests are invited to scour the property for plastic eggs containing gift certificates for everything from Easter cookies and spa goodies to world-famous Travaasa travel blankets and apparel. Last Easter, some guests even stayed up late to try and spot Mr. Rabbit and discover his secret hiding places.  

Spring Cleaning Feng Shui

With spring on the way, it’s time to clear out the clutter and make way for a brand new season of growth. Gain insightful knowledge on organizing your space for optimum energy flow. Follow this advice to clear out the winter clutter and create great energy. 

Grow an Inch Pilates

Pilates exercises are about learning how to control your inner unit, the muscles from the bottom of your spine all the way up to the back of your skull. Pilates exercises are based on axial skeleton elongation and stability. Their nature is to strengthen as you lengthen, creating more space within the joints, therefore making it possible to grow an inch, or sometimes more, as you get stronger in your Pilates practice.