Travaasa Austin’s newest adventure experience, the Bicycle Pump Track, looks like a scary maze of bumps and curves.  “I bring guests down to the Adventure Stables and  when we drive by the track, they say that there’s no way they’ll be able to ride the bike on it,” says Jeff Compton, Travaasa’s Bike Lead. “Well, they may start out a bit shaky, but once they’ve gone around a few times you’ll see them go faster and faster and go higher and higher on the berms.  It is a great confidence booster and everyone has a great time. ”

Bicycle pump tracks were initially built as training aids for professional bike racers to advance their skills and build strength. Riders use gravitational force and downward thrust to generate speed.  The challenge is to complete a circuit without pedaling. And no matter your skill level, riding the track also provides a great, full-body workout.

Our course at Travaasa was designed and built by Joshua Congleton, AKA Hippie Josh and owner of Trail Pirate.  Josh has been building trails and skills parks for over 7 years, having built some of the biggest and best trails in the world. “The pump track I built for Travaasa is easy enough for everyone, but contains challenges for all skill levels,” says Josh. “Pump tracks are thrilling. Picking up speed, turning through the berms, trying to stay mentally focused and physically loose, while pumping the rollers to maintain your momentum, it is a fantastic challenge that will have you coming back for more.”

Jeff agrees. “Once you get it, you can start to ride up on the wall or jump a little into the air.  We’ve had a great response so far and some guests do come back a second time for more fun.” Jeff worked in the bike industry and has a lot of experience with mountain biking. He came to Travaasa to help build the bike program, but didn’t have a lot of experience with pump tracks. “I got to learn how it would be to approach this as a guest. You end up doing something that you never thought you would  and it feels great getting that big pump of adrenalin after a good ride.”

To round out our biking program, Jeff is also building Travaasa’s single track mountain bike trail system in the heart of the Austin Hill country. “Even if you’ve never tried mountain biking, you’ll be able to practice on our skills course and graduate to our trails for a more advanced ride.  I get really excited bringing this great sport to new riders.”

So pump or pedal, c’mon and join us at Travaasa for a great ride!

During the build at Travaasa, Josh shot some amazing footage that can be seen in the video below.