Giant Swing. You hear the words and can’t help but be taken back to when time on a swing brought nothing but pure joy as a child. While pure joy is still the focus, our Travaasa take on this classic favorite kicks things up a notch (or maybe a few). 

And our list of aerial adventures doesn’t stop there…

There is a spectrum of adventurous types. For some, trying a new cuisine is no easy feat. And for their counterparts, there are those that thrive on waking up each day in search of reaching new heights, literally. Whether you’re born with the thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkie gene, or you’ve got to work on it, we’ve got ways for you to soar, climb and swing out of your comfort zone and into new experiences – and a few tips to help you along the way.


Trust your guides.

We pride ourselves on our people! Our extraordinary team of experts, masters and guides have the skills to encourage even the most timid to conquer their fears. When you embark on the Challenge Course or Power Pole in Austin, we make sure you’re learning from the best of the best. You’re in good hands with our activities crew – Cortnie, Scott, Ed, Karson, Jaime and Johnny will not help you reach your goals, but they’ll make sure you’re having fun doing it. In Hana, Hans is our pilot extraordinaire that takes guests on the ultimate Glider Adventure. Hans, who first learned to fly gliders at age 14, is currently the only pilot allowed and able to fly silently over Haleakalā National Park and its volcano crater. When it comes to coaches, we’ve got the A-Team.


Be your own cheerleader.

Visualize yourself taking that step of the zipline platform and gracefully gliding back down to Earth, no tension in your stomach, just pure, unbridled joy. Positive affirmations are a powerful tool and can help the mind to meet the body. Getting a sense of the emotion and sense of pride that comes with overcoming an obstacle helps transform what might feel like a challenge, into an experience and accomplishment. To prepare, practice mindfulness and try to catch negative thoughts as they creep in and put a positive outlook on them.

Glider at Travaasa Hana

Infuse your life with the unexpected.

Even the smallest interruption of your routine can help prepare you for the big challenges. When we make a habit of pushing past mental boundaries, we can expand our horizons and keep nerves at bay when a new experience presents itself. What might seem like an uncomfortable situation, can often lead to growth and expanding our comfort zones.

And it just may come in handy when you’ve got the opportunity to climb a forty-foot wall.