noun – a person whose diet consists of only or principally of locally grown or produced food

It is a proud announcement that with our first ever Eat Month, we share our newest culinary element at Travaasa Hana, Maui—your ticket to the local dining experience.

What is this?

The locavore pass is your golden, er, blue ticket to local Hana fare off-property. The voucher may be redeemed for one meal at select partners in lieu of eating at Travaasa during valid stay dates.

What does is cover, and where?

One appetizer, an entrée, a dessert and two non-alcoholic beverages for one person. Check out the latest Hana dining guide for participating partners.

Anything else?

Eligibility begins at dinner the first night of Total Travaasa and ends at lunch on the last day of Total Travaasa. One pass per person. Passes are non-transferrable.

Preview the upcoming Hana Dining Guide