With the anticipation of summer, a beachy vacation under the hot sun with great friends is becoming a reality.  The perfect ocean-side vacation wouldn’t be complete without some fit activities to coincide with that vigorous workout schedule you maintained all winter.  Here are some tips to stay active and healthy while drifting into the sunset along the coastline.

1. Juicing is an incredible way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while relaxing on the beach. Travaasa Hana offers Juicing 2.0—an interactive way to gain the skills to juice on your own while incorporating local fruits and vegetables and learning to create a tasty drink that you can integrate into your everyday diet.

2. Accompany your early morning juice with a sunrise hike along the coastline to get ready for the exciting day ahead of you.  Hiking in the element is a great way to soak up vitamin D while firming and waking up the muscles.

3. Lying around the beach people watching is more fun after a little adventure.  Get your adrenaline pumping by taking to the seas with a sea kayak.  Make a splash and test your strength as your paddle out against the waves. You may even come across dolphins or sea turtles.

4. Ease your mind by practicing yoga on the beach. The soothing sound of the ocean is the perfect music for your practice and will allow you to relax while strengthening.

5. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fresh, local fruits, vegetables and of course seafood. Fish boasts those healthy heart and brain omega 3 fatty acids while being an excellent source of protein. You’re sure to have plenty of energy for the rest of your retreat after indulging in local fare.

6. Vacation just wouldn’t be vacation without a little visit to the spa. If you’re visiting Travaasa Hana, try the Hawaiian Lomilomi massage.  Lomilomi is a powerful native Hawaiian healing tradition. Rhythmic strokes, joint movement and deep kneading improve the body and calm the soul.