As Leap Day comes just once every four years, this extra 24 hours of 2012 should serve as time doing what you enjoy most in life. Take today as a chance to treat yourself with one of the following activities that will have you “celebrating” Leap Day the right way.

  • Finish a new workout. Use Leap Day as the time to complete something out of the ordinary. And, what better way to do so then with changing up your workout routine? Switch it up with a Zumba class and stray away from your norm.
  • Cook up your favorite recipe. Does it always seem like that favorite recipe of yours just takes to long to prepare? Forget this today and go for it. Take the time whip up that recipe you’ve been longing for but just haven’t had the time to create.
  • Soak it up with a bath. Remove the rush from your life today and take a long bubble bath instead of your typical shower. This way you can have some much needed time to yourself and recharge for the rest of the week ahead.
  • Go on an adventure. When’s the last time you went on a good solid adventure? Leap Day is the perfect time to take a quick “getaway” from the real world. One of our favorite ways to adventure is through high-tech game of hide & seek called geocaching.
  • Sit down and relax. After a long Leap Day the best way you can finish it off is by simply sitting down and relaxing. Cuddle up with your new book, break out the sketchbook or turn on your favorite record. Whichever way you like to relax, just do it.