There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind streaming across your face as you soar above the ground.  There’s a rush of adrenaline and a heavy dose of exhilaration zip-lining across our Prickly Pear Challenge Course at Travaasa Austin.  Our state-of-the-art course was designed in partnership with Outward Bound Professional, and incorporates vertical climbing elements for a wide range of physical ability, culminating with a fantastic flight of over 250 feet long.
While most adrenaline junkies jump at the opportunity to challenge their bodies and minds on the course, sometimes there’s one thing standing in the way of flying free over Texas Hill Country-A fear of heights.  Acrophobia can be a challenge to overcome, but the benefits are far worth it.  Below are 5 tips to help overcome your fear of heights.

  1. Prior coming to Travaasa, practice by incrementally increasing your height off the ground.  Take baby steps, all the while, noting and validating your accomplishments.  After each step, take a deep breath and just put one foot in front of the other.
  2. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of being up high, take it a step further by jumping off a diving board—feeling the sensation of falling, and then landing safe in the water.
  3. Before you attempt to go up, take a moment to center yourself and meditate.  Taking a quiet, peaceful moment can help you overcome those nerves and prepare your mind for the task at hand.
  4. Question why it is that you are actually afraid. Are you scared of falling and getting hurt?  Note all the measures taken to ensure your safety, and look at all the healthy and happy people who have experienced those heights before you.
  5. Keep in mind how liberated and free you will feel once you’ve overcome this obstacle.  Having an end goal of accomplishment in mind will help you follow through.

We can’t wait to see you out at Prickly Pear Challenge Course.  You’ll love it, we promise.