Travaasa Austin provides a fantastic alternative to traditional team building functions and events with our unique Groups and Meetings offerings. Tired of stuffy conference rooms? Enjoy a constructive yet dynamic event built around Texas themed activities.

 1. Equine Encounters

Learn how non-verbal communication, internal state of mind and focus affect your ability to lead and project your intentions. Guided by our equine team, your group will complete exercises that lead to greater self-awareness and confidence. No previous horse experience is needed for this workshop.

Ideal team size: 6-15

2. Prickly Pear Challenge Course

Expand your team’s confidence on our state-of-the-art, high-ropes challenge course designed by Outward Bound Professional. The linear progression of the course culminates with a fantastic zip line flight of over 250 feet long, soaring over the treetops.

Ideal team size: 6-15

 3. Mechanical Bull Riding

You can wear the boots and the hat, however, its nothing but a costume unless you have the skills. Our mechanical bull fitness class increases core strength and improves flexibility by continually challenging your balance. Form does count! So don’t forget to raise one arm up in the air (bonus points if you have a cowboy hat).

Ideal team size: 15-20

4. Texas Triathlon

It’s an amazing race with a Texas twist! Compete for bragging rights through a series of Texan activities. As a team you will race for the best time on the Mechanical Bull Ride, Roping and many more. The winner will receive a set of horseshoes!

Ideal team size: 15-20

 5. Texas – Travaasa Style

Travaasa offers groups a variety of new experiences great for teambuilding. Our unique programming of interactive classes and activities will teach your team new skills and build confidence. Choose from Tex-Mex Fare with a Travaasa Twist, Tequila Tasting, Texas Microbrew Tasting, Harmonica Workshop, Roping How-To’s, and Two Stepping/Linedancing Lessons.

Ideal team size: 35-140


“We are grateful for all you did to make our sales meeting the best we ever had.  Truly, I can’t tell you how many wonderful comments we received from our team about this being the best Clif Bar Sales meeting ever!”
Diane Coon
National Sales Manager

Clif Bar