Red or white? Ah, that age-old question. Let’s take the guesswork out of tonight’s seafood dinner. Here, we chose five classic dishes from the surf and paired them with the perfect glass of wine.

Salmon and Tuna – California

Perfect for a summer evening meal al fresco, these substantial fish choices taste great off the grill. Keep the skin on for a crispy, decadent flavor when cooked, or go for a sesame marinade. Bring out a bottle of California Pinot Noir to accompany your fish dish with cherry notes and a smooth finish. At home, try an Esser Vineyards selection, where the grapes are harvested at dawn from the family winery in Napa Valley.

Scallops – Spain

There is almost nothing better than seared scallops that melt in your mouth. Getting hungry yet? It may take some time to perfect scallops at home, we’ll give you a hint: a little butter goes a long way. Even if you are out for dinner, be sure to choose a Chardonnay. Oregon wines often have more herbal and floral hints than other West Coast whites. Another similar choice is Albariño, a Spanish variety that goes well with a citrus-focused sauce over the scallops. Try a bottle from the Pazos de Lusco vineyard in the mountainous Rías Baixas region of Spain, where grapes are harvested from vines over 25 years old.

Trout – Germany

A typical summer catch in many mountain regions, trout has a medium texture – neither too light nor too dense – that goes well with a sweet, light acidity wine like German Rieslings. Whether grilled or oven-roasted, flavor the fish with a lemon-butter sauce, then add green beans and potatoes as tasty sides. Coming from soils of weathered volcanic soil, the dry Rieslings that Dönnhoff Winery produces are matured in German oak barrels, resulting in a definitive wine of the estate.

Shrimp – New Zealand

From scampi to crispy fried appetizers, shrimp is everywhere and easy to pair. No matter how it is cooked, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Malborough region has a simple, refreshing flavor that goes perfectly with shellfish like shrimp. The tropical, lime, and fruity flavors from Cloudy Bay Vineyards showcase latest pinnacles of Sauvignon Blanc success and are always a good summer wine choice.

Lobster – France

La pièce de la résistance! Simple steamed lobster is the ideal summer delicacy. Invite friends over, melt the butter, and serve with fresh veggies, rice, and a squeeze of lemon. The best part? Some bubbly, obviously! Break out the champagne for this one and make it special. A basic brut (dry) is great with all shellfish, especially lobster. Go for a classic, reliable bottle, like champagne from Taittinger based in Reims, France; or choose something equally festive like Gruet sparkling wine from New Mexico. Gruet Winery produces grapes at 4,300 feet, some of the highest vineyards in the U.S., where there is minimal humidity, allowing for consistent quality fruit, without pesticides, each season.