At Travaasa, “fitness” is one of our core pillars and a vital component for having a well-rounded retreat, which is why we offer an array of guided fitness classes. Travaasa Austin Fitness Instructor, Cathleen Carothers, shares some of her favorite fitness trends to get yourself into shape.

1. Zumba and other dance formats are topping the ranks in the most recent surveys done by ACSM and ACE.  Zumba made it to the Top 20 Fitness Trends by ACSM for the first time this past year. Zumba is offered in most fitness centers and the class numbers are continuing to grow. We offer a Latin Spice dance and Bare Your Sole dance that contain many Zumba and Nia-like elements. Just about every one who attends our Latin Spice and Bare Your Sole dance classes say that it reminds them of their Zumba or Nia classes back home.

2. TRX Suspension Training uses bars and straps to let you work against your own body weight and gravity to achieve better strength, balance, stability and an amazing ‘core.’  The TRX Suspension Training classes and private lessons are on the rise, and I’m told that we will be offering it here at the Austin Spa as soon as we move our fitness center into Live Oak.

3. Weight loss/ Weight Management – With the growing awareness of the obesity epidemic, people are naturally gravitating towards weight loss and weight management programs. With the help of a Wellness Coach or Fitness Professional, keeping track of “calories in, calories out” and strategizing how to keep these numbers in perfect balance based on your height, weight, gender and weight-loss goals is the only time-tested, healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off.

4. Balance and Core Training classes and programs designed to improve your balance, stability and torso are extremely popular. Balance and Core Training classes utilizing props like the BOSU ball, stability ball and glider discs to strengthen and tighten your mid-section have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years. You will find group exercise class schedules filled with these types of class formats (i.e., Core Dynamics, Gutts and Butts, Hard Core Abs) in nearly every fitness center and gym.

5. Functional Training– there is a trend toward using body weight, body alignment/positioning and resistance training to improve balance, strength and ease of activities of daily living. Functional fitness to improve ADLs and fitness programming for older adults are closely related as we are becoming more educated (in the areas of health and fitness) and living longer.