Tax season comes with a certain degree of stress each and every year. To celebrate the end of this tax season, join us at Travaasa Austin or Travaasa Hana for programming designed to help you relax and recharge!

To help you see past the stacks of papers you need to file, here are three ways you can unwind post-tax season.

Spa- Travaasa makes it easy to detox and reconnect. With nature surrounding you, our array of spa treatments, wraps and massages strip away the stresses of everyday life so you can learn new disciplines, refocus on a balanced life, and reclaim your strength.

Adventure- Take your mind off crunching numbers and get adventurous at Travaasa. Our Adventure experiences foster your inner athlete and releases your bottled-up spirit of exploration. From rigorous challenge courses to snorkeling with sea turtles, Travaasa will give you a fresh perspective on what a vacation experience can be.

Fitness-Now that your papers are filed you need to get your body moving. There is nothing quite as rewarding (or detoxing) as enjoying a good workout in a beautiful destination. Fitness classes at Travaasa range from strength and conditioning routines to unique local sports.

For more information regarding Travaasa’s tax relief activities or for reservations please contact a member of our team at 1-855-TO-TRAVAASA (1-855-868-7282).