Want to go on a culinary adventure? Mix things up and dive right in because you’re going to have a sushi night in your own kitchen! With these easy steps, learn how to make sushi rolls at home. Don’t forget the sake!

What you’ll need:

  • A bamboo mat
  • Nori sheets
  • Sushi rice (try brown rice for a healthier option!)
  • Fillings (fish/veggies)

Before starting, cook your sushi rice by following the directions indicated on the packaging.  Once you’re rice is cooked and you’ve cut your veggies and fish, you’re ready to begin.

First, feel the nori sheet from both sides to differentiate the smooth side from the rough side. The nori sheet should lie lengthwise on the bamboo rolling mat with the rough side facing upwards.

Get your hands wet and make about a handful of rice into a ball of rice. Make sure to keep your hands wet because sushi rice is very sticky. When you’re working with the nori, keep your hands ad dry as possible. Keep a bowl of water (with a splash of vinegar) and a dry hand-towel close by while prepping.

Gently put the rice ball in the middle of the nori sheet and start to evenly spread (do not compress) the rice over the nori. creating a layer that covers almost the entire sheet except about a 3Ž4 inch margin at the top which should be left uncovered. (You will need the margins to be empty so you can close the sushi roll properly.)

Now it’s time to fill. Place a slice of fish on the edge of the nori along with 1-3 slices of vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, green onion, asparagus are all great fillers).

Starting with the side of the rolling mat that’s closest to you (opposite your margin at the top), begin to roll away from you in rectangular hill steps. Place your fingertips over the fillings to keep them in place as you roll, keeping it tight until you reach the end of the nori. Put pressure on the roll from all three sides at one time to make the roll firm.

Use a wet, sharp knife to cut the roll into little pieces, usually about 6-8 pieces per roll.

Dip in wasabi and soy sauce and enjoy your DIY delicacy!